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Things I have been inspired to do by bloggers here

May 7th, 2008 at 06:40 pm

Digging out spare power strips from basement, plugging in appliances, and turning off power strips when not in use. (Lux)

Creating no spending days and living out of my pantry. (Tightwad Kitty, Laceshawl)

Taking advantage of specials at Walgreens and CVS. (Happy Couponing)

Decluttering and creating home spaces with simple beauty. (Broken Arrow)

Making a list of home repairs and learning to do them myself on weekends. (Wild Blue Yonder-Fern)

Recognizing how small daily savings over time can really add up. (Ima Saver-Julie)

Living below my means and appreciating what I already have. (Disneysteve)

Beginning to make a budget for retirement (Carolina Bound, Retire@50)

Remembering that a life is made of small moments of experience and not a collection of stuff. (Cheshire)

Knowing that no matter what inevitable setbacks or losses life deals us, we can always pick ourselves up and stride forward with courage and grace to achieve our goals. (Thrifty Ray, Paulette Goddard, Aevans)

And this is just a start---there are so many, many more! With gratitude and hugs to all.